Monday, June 9, 2014

Harper's first haircut!

Last week Harper got her first ever haircut! Talk about the ultimate girls day out! Oh andddd, cue the tears! We spent our morning at the hair salon getting those blonde locks fresh for the summer! Harper has been talking about this day for weeks. I kept telling her each time I would brush her hair, "Your hairs need cut!" and she would reply with, "I think that's a good ideas. My hairs need princess hairs now." SO! I had my sweet stylist Jordan pencil us in on Friday morning and off we went! Harper kept saying things like, "Jordan is so beautiful like my Elsa Dress" and "I think my hairs need to come home with us next morning..." you know, totally understandable things when you're three years old! 

In line for Starbucks before her appointment and I asked her what she wanted, which she usually she would say something like strawberry milk or water but instead she whispered to me, "I can't do this right now. We will be late to get my hairs cut mama. Maybe after that we can get some coffees though..." She's my kid, there's no denying it. Also, when will someone stop time so I can bottle up that tiny voice and those sweet words? A trophy! Harper needs one! Maybe a cupcake, but definitely a reward of some sort. I'm thinking Chuck E Cheese? Who doesn't love Chuck E Cheese? (hmmm and their PIZZA) She was such a well behaved girly girl when it came to the salon! She didn't speak a word and at one point during her haircut she was in the moment and closed those baby blues for some relaxation! I see many spa days in our near future, don't you, kid? 

Those tiny hairs now sit in a sandwich bag on top of the dresser in her closet and Harper is even more certain now than ever that she's a princess! Oh! And those curls! Hey there, model baby! I'm not much into fancy hair, which is so obvious considering my hair straightener is a $15 one from Walmart, but there was just something about those curls! So yesterday's big purchase was ... drum roll please ... a curling iron! This is a HUGE milestone, especially for a mama who usually has bed head 5 days out of the week and who has been wearing the same pool hair going on about seven days! Do they offer classes on things like this? Groupon? Anyone? I need all the help I can get! Jordan, my poor stylist is going to receive 9252 texts from me over the next few weeks ... saying things like, "How do you turn this thing on?", "How long do I leave my hair in it?", "Is it supposed to smell like burnt cheeto's?" .. What is LIFE without a splurge like a curling iron though!? and now ... for some PICTURES!

Note: I will not be using my new curling iron on Harper until I'm certain I know what I'm doing.
Second Note: Will you be ready for all of my "selfies" once I figure this hair-curling thing out?

I sure do love your new locks, Harper Lou! 
You darling princess, you!

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Rachel Segovia said...

This is so adorable. Thanks for sharing this precious milestone!!
xo Rachel

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