Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Harper Said ...

Want to see my bleed? (showing off her boo-boo)

"It smells like smoke chips! In the bushes I can still smell it!" ???????


"Mommy, you look so so love you!"

"Daddy, kiss mommy SO BIG!"

Wearing ice cream socks ... "Mommy you can't have a bite of my socks tonight but we could go get some ice cream tomorrow, okay?" SNEAKY KID.

"I like strawberries. Not the blue kind though."

"I think I will do dis by myself today." - SWIMMING

"Dad, you taking mommy on a date today?" (trying to get rid of us, harps?)

*grabs my wallet* "I'm going to Chuck E Cheese. Be back later!"

"I think I will dream about the Zoo and markers tonight."

"I love you with my whole life. Everyday, mommy."

"Surprise!!!!!! I got some moneys for my hats."

You're the best, kid.

1 comment:

Taren said...

These are one of my favourite types of posts. Your daughter is hilarious and adorable!! I can't wait to post them in a few years (baby isn't born yet :-P)


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