Monday, March 24, 2014

Navy Perl Mini + Mama GIVEAWAY!

We're finally home! Michael and I decided that we'd stick to sandals and shorts for our trip back to Indiana in hopes that the warm weather would follow suit but the joke was on us! We officially re-packed our Spring Break clothes in exchange for coats, boots and hats. Spring, are you there? I know a tiny lady who's begging to wear her Saltwater Sandals, even if it's to bed! AND I know a mama who would also enjoy wearing the exact same sandals, just a tad bit larger! ;-) Spring Break was such a dream and I can't wait to share the many posts I'm writing up for you, but until then ... How about a GIVEAWAY! Yes. Yes!  We've partnered up with Navy Perl for a Mini + Mama GIVEAWAY ... A pair of Saltwater Sandals for you and your little! You could even get matching sandals (if you're anything like ME! Sorry harps, you're stuck with a crazy one.) You can also find Navy Perl on Brickyard Buffalo this week ON SALE! And in case you missed seeing this image, that's how much Harper loves her Sandals! (aaaand the beach. eeek!)

So, let's talk Navy Perl shall we? 

Sisters who in 2008, started a custom designer pillow company that then turned into a headband company, and from there has continued to evolve! The women behind Navy Perl have experienced many adventures, which include failures AND successes. Their love for creating and designing started many years ago and the thrill of meeting so many incredibly talented people has been such an honor to them. They were inspired by their grandmother who taught them much about their life and touched each of their lives in many ways. Their grandma also owned a fabric store named Four Seasons Fabric. She was a very skilled seamstress and successful business woman.  Many hours were spent in the sewing room with their Grandma while she made them dresses, pants, coats, and even underwear!  Their grandma passed away in March of 2004, but her legacy lives on.  Wanting the company to have a meaningful name, along came Navy Perl. Perl is a great grandfather. As sisters, these amazing ladies cherish their roles as mothers, wives, an art teacher, a family psychologist, an OB nurse, an interior designer, and a photographer. Each of them wear many different hats in their lives and have always had an innate desire to create beauty.  Thus Navy Perl was formed - a company named after family, for family, for community, and for sweet friends! 


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Ashley Perez said...

What a great giveaway! I would love to win. :) My email is I hope I win. :)

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