Thursday, April 17, 2014

Harper Said ...

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"But I don't have a baby sister...." (goes to the door and slides on shoes) "Can we go buy one at the store?" 

Driving in the car ... "Guys! Don't get married right now because I'm only wearing my ballerina dress and I will fly away at your wedding!"

"What a great idea! Let me think about dat."

"I don't have an octagon so I'm going to the ice cream truck!" 

Lifts up shirt .... "But my brother's not there to see me today!" (NOT PREGNANT)

On an afternoon walk ... "Go ahead of me puppy! I will run when you count to twenty two!"

"Daddy you're home from class to see me for all day!?"

Put Harper in time-out. "This is breaking my heart mommy!!!"

"Jesus is in my heart but he isn't outside anymore!" (She's been worried about nativities since December)

"I'll wear my princess pajamas today, tomorrow and next morning too!"

"The dolphins called me and says they missed Harpy so we have to go feed the some goldfish now!"

"Daddy you are a BOY because yours hairs is short like my brothers!!!" (STILL NOT PREGNANT)

"Mommy I dropped your jewerlys and it hurt my hand so I put them under the bed to think about happy choices!"

Flooded the bathroom after flushing half a roll of toilet paper .. "Oops. I did NOT make a bath in here today! I'm real sorry bout dat."

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Well now that we've been home for almost three FOUR weeks I think maybe it's time to tell you about our Spring Break? If you follow me on Instagram you know that we spent a week in Orange Breach / Gulf Shores and even made a few stops on the way to break things up a bit! Driving with a toddler isn't always a walk in the park but with the help of snacks, toys, puzzles and movies we had such a blast driving to the sunshine (and we even stopped at dinosaur world. cue excited screams)! First things first, we stopped to see Kiersten, also known as BFFLZZZ for our first weekend in Alabama! Since she moved down south it's been so hard on my mama heart over here. Kiersten has been my person since we were just kids so our weekend together meant so so so much to me. Also, she's getting married in October so Harper and I were able to meet all of her new friends/bridesmaids that will be in the wedding along side of Harps and me! P.s. this will be the first time EVER that Harper will be a flower girl and I am so excited for her!

We spent the weekend shopping, exploring on the playground, eating the most AMAZING food and spending time with Kiersten, Landon and her sweet family! There are so many things we love about Alabama but we especially love how beautiful it is! Sometimes that's all a girl needs! Kiersten and I are both in the process of planning a wedding so it's been nice being able to call her when I'm in the midst of a breakdown knowing that she is going through the exact same thing! We had always talked about getting married around the same time and though her wedding is before mine it stills is so surreal and I feel so glad that plans work out that way sometimes. We spent an entire afternoon gazing through wedding magazines, drinking coffee and laughing about old times. Let me tell you, there was so much to laugh about. Remembering the days when Kiersten and I would always be getting ourselves into mischief makes me laugh out loud because we hands down have the greatest memories together. Goodbye is always so hard and especially for Harper and Kiersten. I wish I could bottle them both up! I'm thankful for a best friend like K. AND there you have it folks, our first weekend on Spring Break!

Monday, April 14, 2014

A VONBON Giveaway!

After a weekend full of sunshine I'm thinking that we start Monday off with a GIVEAWAY! Today our sweet sponsor VONBON is giving away THREE $50 Store Credits to their shop! They are officially restocked for Spring and ready to sell out of EVERYTHING yet again! We have fallen so in love with their newly launched line of leggings and today you could also have the chance to win your own pair too! It's always so much fun working with the VONBON girls and I can't think of a better way to start the week! PLEASE VERIFY ALL ENTRIES! Ends 4/20 at midnight! GOOD LUCK!

*All entries will be verified*

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