Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Harper / 16

52 weeks of Harper
Pipe Cleaner Crown fit for a Princess
Week sixteen.

Tuesday Love List!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend!

Hey there! After what feels like the longest weekend ever we're finally settled down back home and already itching for next weekend! Friends and family always make for sweet holiday's and we were so fortunate enough to be able to spend time with everyone we love so dearly, especially on a wonderful holiday like Easter. We also managed to eat our weight in chocolate the past five days. There is just something in those Butter-finger Eggs that make them so ... addicting! Michael always rolls his eyes at me when he finds a wrapper in between the couches or between the sheets in our bed. I just can't resist chocolate. ;-) 

Harper had a blast with her cousins! She's almost mastered the art of being a prestigious Egg Hunter but for now, she'd rather collect the eggs and share with everyone else. She will even open up the egg, throw the candy into her basket and throw the egg back down. Trickster! We attempted to visit the Easter Bunny on Friday of last week however, we had a change of heart when we saw that the line was over two hours long so instead of waiting in line we swooped over to the side and waved hello! That was enough for Harper! Though she doesn't quite yet understand the meaning of why we celebrate Easter it's been such a fun Holiday, like all the rest. I'm thankful for a God who loves me and my sweet family unconditionally.

OH! I almost forgot to tell you.... Michael and I found our OFFICIAL Wedding Venue! After weeks of searching (and becoming so incredibly exhausted/emotional) we finally found where we'll say I DO! There's a sneak peak below. I wish I could spill the beans and tell you where it's at and what day but I just can't yet! I'm sworn to secrecy until further notice. My lips are locked and the key is somewhere in Michael's sock drawer so I won't dare go near it! The second I can tell you more, I will! I will! 

SO there's that!!!!! Now .. I'm off to bury my face in more wedding books and maybe (okay, definitely) eat the rest of my Butter-finger Eggs! Enjoy the pictures below and I hope that you had a wonderful Easter Weekend, too!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Harper Said ...

Top via Mini Mioche

"But I don't have a baby sister...." (goes to the door and slides on shoes) "Can we go buy one at the store?" 

Driving in the car ... "Guys! Don't get married right now because I'm only wearing my ballerina dress and I will fly away at your wedding!"

"What a great idea! Let me think about dat."

"I don't have an octagon so I'm going to the ice cream truck!" 

Lifts up shirt .... "But my brother's not there to see me today!" (NOT PREGNANT)

On an afternoon walk ... "Go ahead of me puppy! I will run when you count to twenty two!"

"Daddy you're home from class to see me for all day!?"

Put Harper in time-out. "This is breaking my heart mommy!!!"

"Jesus is in my heart but he isn't outside anymore!" (She's been worried about nativities since December)

"I'll wear my princess pajamas today, tomorrow and next morning too!"

"The dolphins called me and says they missed Harpy so we have to go feed the some goldfish now!"

"Daddy you are a BOY because yours hairs is short like my brothers!!!" (STILL NOT PREGNANT)

"Mommy I dropped your jewerlys and it hurt my hand so I put them under the bed to think about happy choices!"

Flooded the bathroom after flushing half a roll of toilet paper .. "Oops. I did NOT make a bath in here today! I'm real sorry bout dat."

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