Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Popcorn & Forts with Pop Secret!

We have partnered up with Pop Secret to bring you a short & sweet (with extra, extra butter on top) post about our afternoon with popcorn and forts! That sounds like a dream come true, right? Popcorn, Forts & Family. We have been enjoying so much time as a family indoors while we wait for our first blizzard to enjoy some snow, so we have created many amazing moments together as a family. We jumped on board as soon as we heard about this awesome Pop Secret campaign because it had our name written all over it!

We spend most of our days exploring and Harper's favorite activity of all? FORTS! This tiny lady has an imagination that turns a living room fort into a spaceship, where of course daddy is an Astronaut along side of her on their great adventure! Harper then turned into an alien and ate all of her popcorn, pretending it was her "space food" while she was curled up inside of the fort on a very secret mission!   There is nothing as simple and delicious than enjoying popcorn as a snack while you make the most memorable days with your family. We enjoy things extra buttery over here so we always stick with our favorite Movie Theatre Butter popcorn! 

This is the face of a 3 year old who's greatest joy in life are forts and extra buttery popcorn! ;-)

Thank you Pop Secret for sponsoring today's post!
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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Harper Said...

"That's so stinkin funny you guys!" 

"I like to pick out my own clothes because they are only princess clothes for my eyes!"

"Mommy don't worry! It's not a Zombie.. Or Jesus.. It's just Daddy, silly!"

"I gave dat girl all my dollars because she fell down the stairs today"

"My favorite color is red. Not like the rainbow, but just like red!"

"I have already seen Santa two three times! I am dizzy to go today!"
(dizzy - busy ... HMMM)

"I wrotes in my journal like you did mommy. I wrote bouts my friends baby!"


"Jesus was born in a stinky barn! I love the cows that licked him!"

"We gots to go home and snuggle. I'm sleepy today."

"Mommy I got you flowers because you are so special and sweet!"

"My hands are like Christmas tree's ... Just like the angels!"

"Claire is not my friend anymore because she's got a baby now!"

"I would love a pet spider! Them are very sweet mommy, they belong to their family. Don't worry, they will not bite you. Their bellies are so soft and cuddly!" .... UMMMM...... NOOOOOOOO WAY ;-)

We love you, sweet girl!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Baking with Nestlé Toll House

We are so excited to be partnering up with Nestlé Toll House to give you a sneak peak at one of our favorite Holiday Treats this year! Harper has fallen so in love with mastering the art of cookie cutters and cookie decorations, they are truly her works of art and it's so much fun watching her create the wildest and most adorable cookies! I am so excited to introduce you all to our GO-TO Nestlé Toll House Rolled & Ready Cookie Dough Sheets! They have been so much fun to use this year and it's a great way for Harper to enjoy her love for using cookie cutters without the mess.

Sugar, Chocolate Chip and Gingerbread Cookie Double Sheets are a new favorite in our home, especially when we want to do a fun and quick craft while watching Christmas movies! I'm telling you! Harper and I have made so many memories in the kitchen while baking. These Nestlé Rolled & Ready Cookie Dough Sheets make it so easy for Harper, whom I might add has become very independent lately! This has been such wonderful practice for our cookie cutting machine! We are so thrilled to be a part of this delicious campaign! You can find Nestlé Rolled & Ready Cookie Dough Sheets at your local grocery store! Enjoy a mess free afternoon with your little one's while their imaginations run wild!

Thank you to Nestlé Toll House for sponsoring today's post!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fall In Love With Moments.

Our entire lives are created by moments.

Moments of happiness, heartache, lessons, fear, joy, failure, short cuts, races, clarity. I'm getting older, my mind wanders and I wanted to feel something, anything. Something new. Something creative. Something to rely on. Something to remind me that I'm still me, that I haven't truly lost myself. I realized in that moment of thinking of all the things I wanted to feel that I wasn't feeling anything at all. My heart is tangled in thoughts of my life right now. That it terrifies me. Knowing that so many things are changing and so many people are relying on me in such different ways. 

Moments. Seeing my parent's getting older. My dad's snow white hair and my moms sweet fragile hands with tiny wrinkles. Harper is curled up on my dad's lap by the window, singing about how GOOD our God is. He laughs until he can hardly breathe and she thinks he hung the moon. Harper giving my mom butterfly kisses on her neck, giggling all the while. This is how she will remember them. Their soft voices and overwhelming love. The sound of my dad singing and my mom helping her make crafts at that old kitchen table. The kitchen window is covered in frost and that painted rock in the window sill is fading after all of these years. Harper laying on my moms chest, my mom twirling those blonde locks around her fingers, tired eyes slowly close and her entire body sinks into my mom. She covers Harper with my favorite quilt. I spent so many nights curled up under that same blanket when I was growing up.

Michael. His old t-shirts make their way into the laundry and I can't help but smell them before they get washed. They smell exactly like they did when we were 18. Baseball games, camp fires, star gazing, long walks, driving down those country roads. It's all we knew then. Now our nights are spent curled in bed talking about time passing, future plans, more children, new dreams. Chinese food and scrabble keeping us company those late nights. His eyes remind me that he is getting older too. His chest is my favorite place to lay my head and his arms wrapped around me are my home. He is my home. It's funny how his reflection has changed. He is everything. The most amazing father. Singing and dancing in the car, playing tricks on me, folding laundry while watching Sports Center. Sneaking my favorite flavors of ice cream into the movie theater on date night. My favorite moments. Looking at the walls of our home, covered in art work that Michael did with Harper. Daddy + Harper, 2014 written in chicken scratch on the bottom corner. I can hear them playing house in the next room over as I clean up lunch.

Harper. More beautiful than ever, twirling around her room in her favorite dress. "I'm a princess mommy!" she will say as she walks in my high heels across the kitchen floor just to hear the sound. She pushed that old stool next to my legs while I'm getting ready in the bathroom, just to get a peak at what I'm doing. "Can I have some of that?" she whispers as I put on my lipstick. These sweet moments. She empties her pockets filled with dollars and some change into the offering at church and then prays to God for her family and all of her friends at school. Her tiny painted toes stick out from her favorite blanket, legs growing so long. She uses a cookie tin in her bedroom to reach the light and also to pick out her clothes each day. Her favorite color is red and she is the most thoughtful person I have ever known. She cries in sympathy with her friends at school when they are sad or in trouble, holding their hands and rubbing their back. She's got a song for everything and loves to color. Our moments are made up of tea parties, crafts and snuggling up in bed on cold afternoons, reading from her favorite books in silly voices. These are my moments. When her nose touches mine as we talk late at night, about our plans for the following day. When she holds my face and says, "You are so sweet and special mommy." These are the moments that matter, the moments that define my entire life.

Fal in love with the moments in your life.

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