Thursday, October 30, 2014


It's that time of the year! The Holiday's are approaching and we're so excited to be partnering up with Minted for a Holiday Review to introduce you to new styles, foils and prints to spice up your festive lifestyle this year! Minted is a community of creatives and by shopping at Minted, you support independent designers around the world. Every day thousands of designers submit artwork to Minted. The world votes, and the winning designs are sold! Almost all of Minted's designers live outside of traditional design centers of LA or New York. These designs come from all 50 states! Small cities, BIG cities and everywhere in between on the Globe! Michael and I feel so strongly about supporting local community artists and because of Minted, this is possible!

Add a touch of FANCY to your Holiday parties this year by decorating with Minted's table and party decor! It's a simple and lovely way to personalize your parties and adding a touch of awesomeness to your evening. You'll charm your guests with the warmth shine of the foil accents and pops of color! Wrapping paper? No one does it quite like Minted! All of their patterns, prints and personalized wrapping paper will add the perfect touch to meaningful gifts that you're giving to those who mean the most to you this season!

I'm so crazy about rose gold foil-pressed cards this year! Luxurious and beautiful! This will also look beautiful framed in the years to come to spice up any room! SHAPES! How fun are these chic shapes too? They add such a fun flare to the season! With 9 different shapes and the option for ornaments these are going to add the personal and unforgettable touch to your greetings this year! 

One of my favorite looks of the season! Ornament cards allow your memories to be hung with great care and love! This can be such a joy to look back on over the years! Real cutouts and ribbon options make this such a relaxed and awesome addition! Aren't those moveable design elements the cutest too!? These cards will truly be one of a kind as you customize and move these elements on your greetings to fit your style!

One of our favorite things about Minted is how much you can truly personalize anything to your specific taste, words and colors. There are so many options! We love their new backer options this year more than ever! Sharing your most memorable moments of the year with those you love at the convenience of your Holiday card is incredible! It will make your cards much more personable too! Along with the rose gold foil-pressed cards, Minted is also releasing more designs in gold and silver too! This season is about truly shining with these foil-pressed cards, ornament shapes and more! Now, GO FALL IN LOVE!

Thank you Minted for sponsoring this post!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Harper Lately!

Three going on Thirteen!

It's been so long since we've written a post on Harper and ONLY Harper. She's got a social calendar that's busier than mine and is growing into the sweetest little lady day by day. It's hard to write these posts and realize how time really isn't slowing down, which is why I usually go out of my way NOT to write them. HA! It's hard on my mama heart! Harper would tell you that she enjoys watching baseball while wearing her Queen Elsa dress, which is also her Halloween Costume! She wakes up, eats breakfast and then breaks into character every single day. She's been all about dresses lately too and loves to twirl around the house in them.

She spends most of her days dancing, singing and learning. She has began a puzzle and bouncy ball collection that she would tell you "means lots to me" and has mastered the art of writing her name! She's enjoying preschool and her teacher says that Harper is the cheerleader of the classroom, always encouraging her classmates and congratulating them when they do something good. She always tells them that she is SO proud of them and loves to celebrate with hugs and happy dances too! I wonder where she got that from? ;-)  She always tells me, "Mom, boys are so crazy!" and reminds me every day that Jesus is in her heart and that she is so happy to have a family.

We sure do love you, Harps!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Wedding Update!

I have found the one whom my soul loves ~ Song of Solomon 3:4

We are nearly 7 months away until I'm Mrs. Alissa Bilyeu! Someone pinch me! With a guest list of only 75 people, we are planning the most intimate and memorable ceremony to celebrate our life as husband and wife with our closest friends and family. We have been blessed with an incredible wedding planner who is keeping my head above water! Our Ceremony and Reception will both be held at the same location, which has made planning much easier for us too! When choosing colors and a theme for our wedding we wanted to keep things very romantic  and intimate. We love the combination of pinks, dark blue and gold together. We will have gold touches all around our entire venue/ceremony along with a lot of pops of pink and floral designs too! Our design board that we created will give you the perfect glimpse of what our evening will look like. It's perfect, isn't it? I still feel like I'm dreaming.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Since starting our new business in April we have put a lot of things on hold to wrap (hehe) our minds and hearts around knowing when to understand God's timing. Yesterday, in the exact moment I took this picture there was a pause in my world, a silence in all of the noise. A moment of clarity. I've been praying for this moment, for this feeling of reassurance, knowing that God truly is in control. It's funny isn't it? Just as something beautiful finishes, a new beginning is waiting for you, right there. 


I hope that everyone can experience a moment like this in their lifetime. THIS was MY moment. I realized that I needed to stop thinking and start LIVING. If I could explain my life in two words it would be, BEAUTIFUL TIMING. Nothing about this life that I am in love with was a part of MY plan. It's never really about us, is it? Every single moment of my life has led me here, to my favorite corner of my favorite couch that I share with two perfect people that I never knew would be a part of my world. 

I always imagined this moment. Leaves dancing as the wind blows through my hair, sun shining on my face in the middle of such beautiful chaos. I am covered in memories of two people who see the depths of my heart and love me just the same. and then it was clear to me, when it comes down to it, you have to live and love through all of the confusion and don't try to fight the process, because we aren't in control at all. 

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